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Take Back Your

Free Time.

Your Dry Cleaning & Laundry
picked up, cleaned, and delivered.

we're clothes minded.

Wash+ is a fresh take on the traditional dry cleaning and laundry services. 

Whether you need dry cleaning, repair, or just a good ol’ wash + fold, Wash+ is your go-to for all garment care needs. All of our services are completed using eco-friendly methods in our East Texas facility.

how does it work?

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Schedule A Pickup

Schedule a recurring or one-time pickup from your phone or computer through your online account, phone call, or smoke signal. 

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On Pickup Day

A Wash+ Valet will swing by to collect your items.

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On Delivery Day

When your clothes are cleaned, crisp, and ready to wear, one of our Valets will return them to your designated drop-off location.


We’ll even let you know when our driver is close to your delivery location.

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dry cleaning

wash & fold


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what we do best

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wedding dress


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launder & press

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where we service

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Come see us in person.




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We’ll come to you. Schedule a (free) pickup, and we will clean and bring back your clothes in no time.



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Drop your laundry in one of our secure dropboxes, let us know, and it’ll be ready in two days.

easy ways to     

why you'll love us

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One-off or recurring schedules? Not a problem. Schedule picks via your online account, text, or simply give us a call.

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Notifications so you're up to date on the status of your order.

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pay online

in seconds

Manage your Wash+ account and billing online from your smartphone or computer.

quick turnaround

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Don’t worry, we won’t have your clothes long. 

All pickups will be cleaned and delivered back within 2 business days. Or faster.

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Hand-wash, air-dry, stain treat, low heat - endless options to customize your order.

our most asked questions

How do I get started?

Create your free Wash+ account to get started. Enter your contact information, set your cleaning preferences identify your preferred location for pickups and deliveries, and schedule your first pickup. Once signup is complete, you will receive a confirmation email from Wash+. Need help? Contact Customer Care with any questions about our services or signup process.

When do I get my Wash+ bag?

Your Wash+ bag will be delivered by 6:30PM on the business day following signup. Monday through Thursday signups will receive their Welcome Kits the following day. Friday through Sunday signups will receive their Welcome Kit on Monday. Need a timing update? Contact Customer Care.

How do I Schedule a Pickup?

Your first pickup will be scheduled during the Signup process! The easiest way to schedule additional pickups and modify an existing pickup schedule is online at You can also schedule a pickup by contacting us directly at (903) 876-4725.

What is the turnaround time?

Typically orders are cleaned in 48 hours, if not sooner. Once clean, you're notified via SMS text or email that your order is ready along with what time you can expect our Valets to drop them off. We also email you a line-itemed reciept for your records.

How big are the bags and how much can they fit?

Our bag is 22" x 28" and holds 4-5 loads or ~35lb. of laundry. It's comparable in size to a standard laundry basket or hamper. This is perfect for couples or small families.

Do I need to sort the clothes or do any prep work in advance?

Nope! We want to make the cleaning process as easy and convenient as possible, so there's no need to sort your clothes in advance.

Who cleans the clothes?

All of our garment cleaning is done in-house at our facility in Frankston, TX. We understand how important taking care of clothes is to you. That's why we have a team of experienced and dedicated clothing care professionals who ensure that each and every order is treated with care and according to your preferences!

give the gift of free time!


Make someone’s day by taking away the chore of laundry or trips to the dry cleaners. Send a Wash+ gift card to your friends or family today.

A perfect gift for teachers, college students, and parents of newborns to name a few.

You seize the day.

We'll do the laundry.