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For the night owls &

early birds.


For those who can't stop by during business hours,
our Wash+™ locations have 24 hour dry cleaning & laundry
drop-off services.

In addition to our Drive-Thru services, Wash+ provides a save and secure drop box for after hours use. Customers can leave their dry cleaning orders in our box and our staff will receive it first thing the next morning for processing. Their order will be professionally cleaned, pressed and ready for pickup. Customers can receive a weather proof, 24 hour drop-and-go laundry bag to fill and leave in our drop box.

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Safe, secure & convenient for late night or weekend orders.

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Drop-offs can be made even during business hours. Drop and drive makes your trip quicker.

It's ready! (4).png

Orders dropped off Monday thru Thursday will be processed and ready by 4pm the following day.

most asked questions.

How does it work?

It couldn't be easier! 

  1. Place all of your items needing cleaned into a disposable bag (i.e. garbage bag)

  2. Swing by your nearest Wash+™ store and place the bag in our convenient 24 hour dropbox

  3. Done!

Make sure to include the following info with your order:

  • Name

  • Starch Preferences (or anything you think we should know about your order, i.e. "Hang Dry t-shirts")

  • Cell Phone Number (we'll text you when your order is ready for pickup!)

  • ***Email Address (If you'd like to pay online)

What if I don't have a Wash+™ bag?

Can I still drop my clothes off?

Absolutely you can!

Just place your clothes in a disposable bag (i.e. garbage bag) on your 1st order, and when you pickup your freshly cleaned garments we'll give you a FREE Wash+™ bag for future dropoffs!

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