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What to Expect on your 1st Pickup & Delivery

With your first order, you will leave your laundry in disposable bags for our drivers to pick up. Please avoid sending your laundry in hampers or on hangers - both can be damaged in transport.

When we return your clean laundry, we will include your personalized Wash+ laundry bags. Once you have these laundry bags, you can stuff them full at your convenience for future orders.



Once we pick up your clothes, we'll take them to one of our Wash+ cleaning facilities.

You'll receive a detailed email including the list of items you've entrusted in our care. Your clothes will then be inspected for stains and items that shouldn't be washed, and professionally cleaned according to the service you've selected.


The day of your delivery you'll receive an email notifying you that we've processed your preferred card on file.

We'll send you a text message notifying you once your Valet delivers your freshly cleaned garments!

It's ready! (27).png
It's ready! (27).png