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We’ll help keep your guests happy.

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Have a property registered on Airbnb for rental?

While it can be an excellent way to get some extra bucks, caring for your rental property requires your full-time commitment, which is not a feasible option for many. In addition to your regular work, you will also have to manage everything associated with your Airbnb, from marketing your rental to managing new bookings to offering excellent guest services, you will have no energy left to take care of even the cleaning process.

This is where our Airbnb Laundry & Linen Service comes to your rescue!

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At Wash+, we offer the best quality, professional, and reliable Airbnb cleaning service and maid service that you need to keep your rental property afresh and hygienic for your next guests to enjoy.


We know what it takes to make guests happy; from clean and fresh linens to including any special requests from the guests’ side, we will make sure that every minute detail is taken care of, to make your property the best in terms of every possibility.

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