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Delivery Driver

Palestine, Elkhart

Athens, Jacksonville


Contact information
About you
Are you eligible to work in the US?
How many years have you had a valid Driver's License?
Do you have any delivery driver experience?
Do you have regular access to a 4-door vehicle (no open trucks)?
In order to use the required car bar to hang Dry Cleaning orders, your car needs passenger handles in the rear.
In the last 3 years, how many driving violations or accidents have you had? (At-fault accidents, speeding tickets, driving without a license, DWI, etc.)
Are you able to comfortably carry up to 40 pounds of laundry?
Please select the days of the week you are available to work from 9 am - 6 pm.
Select as many or as few days as you wish.
How many full-time/primary jobs have you held in the past 12 months?
By submitting your application, you certify that all the information you entered is accurate.
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