Leave your customers with a great impression.

From local businesses to national franchises, we work with commercial customers of all industries and all sizes.

We partner with properties and businesses all over East Texas to provide quality, customized cleaning solutions delivered right to their location. Our services save our partners time, money and effort, everyday.

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Hotels & Resorts

Hotels, Motels, Lodging, Bed & Breakfast

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Pre-schools, K-12,

Colleges & Universities

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Health & Wellness

Spas, Massage Therapists,

Physical Therapists

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Mechanics, Work Wear, Construction, Industrial, Automotive

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Dental, Clinics, Dermatology,

Veterinarian, Medical Testing

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Restaurants & Bars

Restaurants, Cafés, Diners, Bars, Eateries

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Gyms, Health Clubs,

Yoga Studios, Salons

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Towels & Linens,

Guest Pickup & Delivery

The Benefits

  • No-cost amenity for your employees.

  • Pickup + Delivery is always free.

  • Customized cleaning schedule.

  • Timely uniform cleaning.

  • Delivered directly to your business.

  • No quantity / weight minimum.

  • All cleaning is handled by our local team.

How It Works

Our expert laundry service saves your employees time and headaches from dealing with laundry needs. We're here to help you focus on what matters most to your business.

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Your Employee creates an order and schedules a pickup dropoff date and time (this can be a pre-determined date and time specified by the company.)

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A Wash+ Valet will pick up the Employee's bag(s) during scheduled pickup time at your front desk.

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Clothing and/or linen is washed & folded, dry cleaning is cleaned & hung.

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The Employee's clothes are delivered to your front desk during the scheduled time.

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They Employee's credit card associated with his or her account is charged.

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We offer a commercial laundry service that your business can trust.

With partners ranging from high performing businesses to top apartment communities, it’s no wonder Wash+ is becoming the laundry and dry cleaning choice of East Texas.

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The reviews are in.

“Wash Plus has been a huge benefit to our residents. It’s a no brainer for multi-family operators who are constantly seeking to push amenities to the next level.”

DESTINY M.                          Property Manager, Palestine TX

Let's get started.

Drop us an email with a bit about your business and the garment care services you are interested in.

We can't wait to take the dirty work off your hands.