Are you spending too much time on your laundry? 

Our laundry service includes washing, drying and immediately folding pants, shorts, shirts, undergarments, socks and sheets just the way you like them.

Wash, Dry, Fold Pricing

$1.95 per pound

(10lbs minimum)

Our wash, dry, fold laundry bag might put your washer & dryer out of a job. All clothes or household items to wash, dry and fold go in here. 

Popular items include: every day clothing such as shirts, pants, shorts, socks, underwear, sheets, towels and more!

How much fits inside?

Save 3+ hours a week when you leave your laundry to the experts.


Customer Care Hours:

Monday - Friday | 7:00am to 5:30pm 





(903) 876 - 4725

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