No late hours. No inventory. Longstanding success.

We don’t like other franchises that ask you to take all the risk on their new concept or ‘big idea’ – the whole point of ethical franchising is for you to buy into something that is proven by the hard work of the franchisor, so you get a head start with less risk.

At Wash+ we believe that you deserve and should expect a business that is tested, substantial, supported and mutually beneficial.

If we were starting out with our own new business or venturing into this as a new sector, that’s exactly what we would be looking for, so it’s our responsibility to offer exactly the same to you.

A proven business, not just the next ‘big idea’.

What we’re looking for in a partner

  • Self-starter mentality

  • Strong interpersonal skills

  • Management experience

  • Comfort with technology and data

  • Discipline and dedication

  • Reflective of our core values

What else sets us apart to our...

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With our real-time SMS text notifications you're always up to date on the status of your order!

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Wash+ picks up your garments at the location of your choosing (home or office) – cleans, and delivers your clothing to your doorstep on your time.

We teach you the ins and outs of the proprietary operational processes that support our low-cost, high-volume model.

An industry that stills move forward

The dry cleaning business isn’t usually the first thing to come to mind for a person looking for a franchise opportunity. That’s not a surprise, until you consider the facts: Dry cleaning is a $9 billion-per-year industry, populated mostly by small, relatively unsophisticated independent operators. Because dry cleaning is a repetitive, ongoing need, this is a business with a consistent demand throughout the year.

We go the extra mile to keep your clothes looking great.

We take care to maintain the same look you fell in love with on the clothing rack. Our specialty dry cleaning staff is trained to handle even the most interesting colors and textures, like leather, velvet, silk, rayon, and more. From formalwear to outerwear, Wash+ will keep your wardrobe looking its best. 

Our Process

An inside-look at how the sausage is made.

We Inventory

Once your garments arrive at our facility we create an itemized list of each item in our care.


We Inspect

Your garments are then scanned and treated individually, including checking pockets, making note of any existing stains, and adhering to any special instructions included with your order.


We Care For

We follow the care label (and know what all the symbols mean!) so your clothes receive the optimal cleaning treatment and last for years to come.

We Press + Hang

Your clothes are crisply pressed, put on hangers, and ready for pickup!